Tabby cat scratching furniture

Understanding the reason why cats scratch is the first step in keeping your own furniture pristine and your cat happy 

Ribbed carpet

A fine-ribbed 100% polypropylene carpet that offers a stylish textured finish.

Tufted carpet on Kalven cat trees

Stylish luxury, superior quality tufted carpet, manufactured in the United Kingdom. 

Tufted carpet on Kalven cat trees

Exceptional softness offering a luxurious feel with very hardwearing properties.

Jango the cat

We take sustainability seriously at Kalven and continually assess ways to reuse, recycle and reduce resources and raw materials.

Car driving van

Details of the carriers we use.

Kalven website CO2 reduction

Kalven website carbon footprint reduced

Kalen news article

Some of the raw materials we use are becoming scarce.